mercredi 27 novembre 2013

Custom OUYA Launcher 1.0.13

InvaderGames met à jour son Custom OUYA Launcher en version 1.0.13.

Caractéristiques de l'application :
  • Ability to stay on top of default launcher, option to go back to it if needed.
  • Auto self-updater.
  • Auto dim/turn off.
  • Customizable wallpaper (only PNG, 1.777 aspect preferred).
  • Custom flower keyboard (ala Steam Daisywheel)
  • Differentiation between games, apps and others (sideloaded/system).
  • Download/Install/remove games.
  • Full integrated store, much more organized.
  • Multilanguage (English, Esperanto, French, German, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish)
  • No root required.
  • Social features (friends, chat, recommendations)
  • Turn off console (sleep), and controllers.
  • Three text themes; light, dark and mix.

Changelogs depuis la 1.0.10 :
v1.0.13 (1/11/2013)
- Added option to dim screen
- Changed ABOUT a liiittle bit *wink*
- Downloads manager added
- Games or apps with no ouya icon now use the default android icon

v1.0.12 (22/10/2013)
- Added Esperanto and German translations
- Added an option to filter sandbox games
- Fixed overscan blurriness, now instead of scaling objects are moved
- Made games info descriptions text scrollable
- Made all options and tiles 'flatter' so they fit better together and with custom wallpapers
- Last used time in games section now shows bigger (can be disabled)

v1.0.11 (16/10/2013)
- Added Swedish translations, fixed and updated a bit on each other
- Added temporary support for videos, until I get it *right*
- EXPERIMENTAL; rearange tiles between GAMES and APPS
- Fixed a serious bug in the search

Téléchargement : Custom OUYA Launcher v1.0.13

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