dimanche 15 décembre 2013

Mise à jour 1.2.703 : fix pour Abominable Snowman

Depuis quelques jours une nouvelle mise à jour est disponible. Elle corrige des bugs de la précédente, Abominable Snowman. Votre OUYA passera en version 1.2.703.

  • External Storage Open Beta bug fixes
    • Fixed an issue that prevented gamers from installing large games (like The Cave) to external storage.
    • Fixed an issue where gamers could get stuck on an orange screen when booting with external storage plugged in.
    • Fixed an issue where gamers could not download from the browser to the internal drive.
    • Fixed an issue where sometimes an external drive would report out of space when it wasn’t.
    • Fixed an issue where the OUYA as MTP storage was showing up empty
    • Fixed an issue where sometimes gamers could get stuck on the ejecting USB prompt.
  • Based on gamer and developer feedback, we’ve moved the icons for installed and buried games down to the title bar.  That way they don’t cover up any tile art.
  • Gamers can now bury installed games.
  • The BUY button now shows in Game Details for all gamers.  Previously it was being A/B tested. Data and feedback showed that it was a good improvement for gamers so we’ve enabled it for everyone.
  • Fixed an issue in the advanced settings where gamers couldn’t scroll down after backing out of a menu.
As a point of note, we’re also actively looking at a resolution to XBMC audio passthrough issues. This build doesn’t yet have a fix, but it’s a high-priority item for us.

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