mardi 26 novembre 2013

Mod Collection 4 Ouya v5.1

WonderEkin met à jour son utilitaire nommé Mod Collection 4 Ouya.

Spécificité de l'apk :
  •     Google Play Store Mod
  •     Preserve su & Play Store's apk on firmware update(still under testing, read next post for details)
  •     Disable Auto Update, but still can check the update in "SYSTEM UPDATES"
  •     Force HDMI resolution to 720p or 1080p
  •     Overscan fix, reference link
  •     Controller support: Emulate Moga Controller, works on most MOGA Enhanced Games, SU is required when game starts

Changelog depuis la version 4.4 :
  • Fix: Emulate Moga Controller, non-listed app also prompt for SU
  • Change: Emulate Moga Controller, rewrite code, now support native apps, SU is required when game starts. Please disable & enable the option and re-check all apps 
  • Change: Emulate Moga Controller, move to second tab
  • Change: Moga Pivot, must install to make Moga emulation works
  • Add: Virtual mouse in Moga Enhanced Games, press L1, R1, Left Thumb & Right Thumb to activate
  • Add: Ouya Launcher hack, for some apps(like DH4) can't launch in the MAKE menu
  • Fix: Latest Xposed Framework supported
  • Change: Disable Xposed Framework checking
  • Fix: NOVA 3 support
  • Add: Debug mode for troubleshooting
  • Add: Controller support - Emulate Moga Controller, works on most Gameloft games
  • Add: Controller support - MOGA Pivot Hack, Some games like Modern Combat 4 needs MOGA
  • Pivot to report OUYA controller as MOGA Pro
  • Remove: Controller support - Gameloft Dungeon Hunter 4
  • Remove: Controller support - Gameloft Modern Combat 4
  • Remove: Controller support - Gameloft Wild Blood
  • Remove: Controller support - Gameloft Six-Guns

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