jeudi 17 avril 2014

Mise à jour Chupacabra disponible

Une nouvelle mise à jour est disponible, elle passera votre OUYA en version 1.2.995 et est nommée Chupacabra.

Le principal ajout est celui de l'Audio Passthrough pour XBMC.

Changelog officiel :
  • Audio passthrough is now supported in XBMC! Once you have the newest OUYA update, make sure you download the latest copy of XBMC on DISCOVER and you’ll have audio passthrough support for AC3, DTS, and AAC.
  • Redesigned the Details page to provide a cleaner new look and feel.
  • Reorganized PLAY to make it easier to find games.
  • Added Developer-specific Details pages (and support for other generic Details pages).
  • Genre sections are now updated to have multiple rows.
  • Added a simple “download manager”.
  • Game developers can now choose if they want their games to be Free to Try or have a price up front.
  • Made pairing of Bluetooth media remotes easier.
  • Added an option to keep controllers turned on (no timed auto-shutoff) in select Media programs (like XBMC). This can be found in MANAGE -> CONTROLLER -> SETTINGS. This new option will be enabled by default.
  • Improvements to the new user flow
  • We’ve made it more clear that if you are a user that would like to use PayPal, you can always purchase vouchers from – pay there with PayPal, enter the code under MANAGE -> ACCOUNT -> PAYMENTS, and you are good to go!

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