dimanche 13 octobre 2013

Custom OUYA Launcher 1.0.10

InvaderGames nous propose son Custom OUYA Launcher en version 1.0.10.

Caractéristiques de l'application :
  • Ability to stay on top of default launcher, option to go back to it if needed.
  • Auto self-updater.
  • Customizable wallpaper (only PNG, 1.777 aspect preferred).
  • Differentiation between games, apps and others/sideloaded.
  • Download/Install/remove games.
  • Full integrated store, much more organized.
  • Multilanguage (English, French, Portuguese, Spanish)
  • No root required.
  • Social features (friends, messages, recommendations)
  • Turn off console (sleep), turn off controllers, auto turn off.
  • Three text themes; light, dark and mix.

Changelogs depuis la 1.0.4 :

v1.0.10 (8/10/2013)
 - Re engineered the store (internally!)
- Added cursor to the keyboard (use the dpad)
- Missing icons for apps will show android default icon
- KEYSTORE CHANGED! automatic installation may fail for this reason!

v1.0.9 (1/10/2013)
- After this update, updates can now be turned off
- Added more gfx for buttons/menues/tiles
- Added how many minutes ago the user was online
- Fixed some issues with social fetures
- Recommendations can now be opened
- Removed flip animation
- Slight improovements on flower keyboard (missing chars, cursor, etc)

v1.0.8 (30/09/2013)
- Added an indicator for already-installed apps/games
- Fixed a bug with boot/start animations
- Fixed all the internal API for buttons and such
- Keyboard replaced by a Big Picture-like flower input
- Social features started:
-- Friends (add only, remove coming next)
-- Messages
-- Recommendations based on your friends games
-- Uses your OUYA account name, no login requried besides OUYA's one.

v1.0.7 (21/09/2013)
- Added auto turn off option
- Added R/L support for main menues navigation<, fixed transitions
- Redesigned buttons / settings menu
- Some translations fixed

v1.0.6: (19/09/2013)
- Animations settings added for tiles
- Chached animations now stay in video (just loads once!)
- Experimental UI enhancements
- Store completely redesigned

v1.0.5: (15/09/2013)
- 3d-like flipping tiles added
- Changed behaviour on 'reset default lancher' button
- Fixed severe crash when opening certain websites
- Fixed positive timezones bug
- Fixed when you navigated far-right, then pressed A, then O again.
- Multilanguage support (English, French and Spanish)

Téléchargement : Custom OUYA Launcher v1.0.10

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