samedi 22 juin 2013

Suivre son colis Ouya

Vous êtes bakers et avez reçu un message type comme ci-dessous avec votre numéro de suivi de colis DHL mais ce dernier ne fonctionne pas.
Soooo...we thought you’d like to know that your OUYA is en route to your doorstep and you can now track your little game box with big dreams using the tracking number below.

I know you’ve heard this from us before, but allow us to say once more...

YOU helped to make OUYA come to life.

YOU helped to give the support necessary to make this vision a reality.

OUYA would *not* have happened without you.

And for this, we thank YOU.

We hope you love the product and that you’re proud of what we’ve built together.  As you know, OUYA will continue to evolve as we make improvements and iterate based on your feedback -- so keep it coming!

Your order was shipped via DHL Global Mail Packet Plus, and is estimated to arrive ***, 2013 - ***, 2013.

The following items were included in this shipment:

1 x SPConsole_ROW (SPEC-0V10020)

This shipment was sent to:

                ****** *******
                ** ***** **** *****
                *******,  *****

Tracking Number HKSH*********

You can track your package by clicking the link below:

(Please allow 24-48 hours for tracking number to be recognized on the carrier website.)

*Because we are shipping from outside the U.S., please allow up to a week for the tracking information to be accessible.

En effet les numéros de tracking DHL font obligatoirement dix caractères contre treize donnés dans l'e-mail de confirmation d'envoi.
Voici la solution pour savoir où en est votre console.
Rendez-vous sur cette adresse : et entrez votre numéro de treize caractères dans l'ovale 1 puis faites search de l'ovale 2 :

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